For 15 years Alliance Consulting Group has been making the dreams of its clients become a reality. Alliance offers the personal touch that many “consultants” promise but cannot deliver. Our techniques of team building are focused intently on creating systems that allow you the owner/practitioner to do what you do best—THE DENTISTRY!

At Alliance Dental Consulting, we believe that you deserve more. You deserve a full life and a prosperous dental practice at the same time! We are the best dental coach to help you achieve this goal. We make it possible for you to focus on providing high-quality patient care by ensuring that the business and marketing sides of your dental practice are running smoothly. As a dental consulting company, we have worked with numerous dentists, and the core challenges most people face are the same: having time to treat patients, manage the business, and maintain a work/home balance is impossible without help. This leads many dentists to feel rundown, discouraged, stressed out, and unhappy. Rather than looking for a career change, recognize that you cannot do it all and that you don’t have to. You do not have to be an HR rep, marketing guru, accountant, and greeter. We take care of everything else so you can do what you do best – practice medicine.

As an Irvine, CA, dental consulting company, we empower dentists to live up to their full potential. Our mission is to help our clients focus on providing high-quality patient care. The demands of running a dental practice can interfere with the ability to spend time interacting with patients. Our dental practice management solutions are designed to improve the operational aspects of your dental practice so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time running the office. Through dental practice productivity consulting, we can show your team how to work together as a cohesive group. Simultaneously, our dental coaching can help everyone excel in their individual job duties. This, combined with robust dental practice solutions, helps our clients to maximize dental profits and have more time free to spend with patients, with their family, and enjoying life outside the office. We are the best dental practice management company because we focus on the entire picture, giving our clients the work/home balance they deserve.

Our Focus

At Alliance Dental Consulting, we provide practice management consulting with a focus on maximizing dental profits and helping dentists streamline their operation.

We are the best dental coach and can help you elevate the professionalism, expertise, and quality of care you provide to patients. By coaching your staff to provide a greater level of service, equipping your practice to incorporate new and innovative technology, and promoting dental office best behaviors, we can help your practice reach greater levels of success and patient satisfaction.

Our dental practice optimization strategy begins with dental practice analysis consulting so we can gain a thorough understanding of how your practice operates, how your team works together, the duties that each person performs, etc. Taking the time to get to know you and your staff will allow us to make customized recommendations that can be implemented right away. Our dental consultants can also provide you with:

  • Dental Practice Team Building
  • Dental Management Consultation
  • Dental Office Improvement Tips
  • Dental Management Systems
  • Dental Marketing Strategy
  • Dental Business Coaching
  • Southern California Dental Practice Management

As a Southern California dental coach, we often find that dentists are incredibly successful when it comes to providing quality patient care, yet they lack the time or desire to manage daily operations. Understandably, the goal of any dentist should be to provide excellent patient care, and filling out a bill for a patient's insurance company is certainly not a wise use of a dentist's time. This is why we offer everyday solutions like dental front office management and dental back office management. We can ensure that the right people are hired and put into positions where they will thrive and add value to your overall practice. At Alliance Dental Consulting, our years of experience are brought to bear so your dental practice can begin to run smoothly and you, the dentist, can refocus on why you went into dentistry in the first place – to practice medicine. To learn how our dental consulting company can assist you, call (949) 232-4788.

What Dental Coaching Can Do for You

As a Southern California dental coach, we can conduct an analysis of your business, provide you with practice monitoring, maximize your dental profits, increase your productivity, and more. For personalized recommendations and individual consulting, call (949) 232-4788 and schedule an appointment with our Irvine, CA office. While we are a Southern California dental practice management company, we do help dentists throughout the country and can provide you with one-on-one consulting services, regardless of where you are located.

#1 Analysis

If you have an underperforming dental practice, it is critical to determine why. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to evaluate and analyze something that you are so closely tied to. This is why our dental practice analysis consulting can be so valuable. Our practice management consulting team can meet with your staff, observe your operations, and identify areas where you thrive and those that need significant improvement. Once we understand the problem, we can work together to define and implement the solution. Often, this is as simple as delivering a list of dental office improvement tips, whereas, in some cases, it means re-training employees, hiring the right team members, or implementing dental office best behaviors.

#2 Implementation

When you schedule a dental management consultation, you can receive an incredible amount of valuable advice. The challenge is that most dentists do not have the individual time or support to implement the suggestions they are given. At Alliance Dental Consulting, we do not expect you to. We are the best dental practice management company because we will handle implementation on your behalf. Very often, this includes providing dental front office management support and dental back office management training. Whatever is required, we provide hands-on dental practice management consulting and will ensure that our strategic plan is fully implemented.

#3 Practice Monitoring

Our one-of-a-kind practice monitoring solutions coincide with our dental practice productivity consulting. Once we have created a strategic plan for how to streamline and improve your daily operations, we will monitor your practice and give you the tools necessary to determine the success of your team and your business as a whole. Our dental management systems are robust and comprehensive, designed for true dental practice optimization.

#4 Maximizing Dental Profits

At Alliance Dental Consulting, we are focused on understanding and developing dental practices through personalized dental consulting. Once we understand how your practice operates and have identified areas for improvement, we can strategize the next steps. As an Orange County Dental Coach, our objective is to implement solutions that streamline your operations, so your office runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. This may include dental practice team building and ensuring that you have the right team members in place. Simultaneously, we will implement a dental marketing strategy to attract more local patients to your practice. We are the best dental coach because we approach maximizing profits from two angles: efficiency and growth. Doing so will provide the foundation for sustainable growth, along with patient and employee retention.

Our dental coaching sessions are focused around open-ended inquiries that encourage open dialogue and discussion, goal setting, and accountability. As dental consultants, we believe that every team member has a role to play, and so our dental practice team building sessions are centered around leveraging the strength of your team while identifying any other resources you need to reach your full potential. Our practice management consulting services are comprehensive, and so when we identify areas for improvement, we also have a solution that can help you achieve your goals. In this manner, our dental coaching is a closed-loop solution that can help you achieve incredible results.

Dental Career Development

At Alliance Dental Consulting, our mission is to empower dentists to provide the highest quality patient care and run enduring, successful dental practices. Sometimes, the best solution for one of our clients is to expand by recruiting top-tier talent to join their team. In other situations, we represent dentists that are interested in downsizing and joining a regional practice or partnership. As an Orange County dental coach, we can help you determine which career path is right for you and provide the dental career development services you need to be happy and successful. Whether you practice in the 92618 area or on the East Coast, our team of dental consultants can help you reach your full potential.

If we identify that you would be best served by acquiring one or several other dental practices, our dental business coaching services include performing due diligence and assessments of existing practices. We can help you determine a value and make suggestions for how to structure the transaction, but beyond that, we can examine how your practices can be interwoven to create a cohesive image. Growing is not the only objective. You must grow sustainably while preserving the integrity of your dental practice. Our dental practice solutions enable you to do so.

To schedule a dental management consultation, call (949) 232-4788. We can empower you to have a profitable dental practice and time to enjoy the rest of your life.